Front Porch & Vestibule This Cabbagetown home's owners had to demolish their falling-down old porch. Their architect was obliged to design this porch-vestibule within the parameters set by the local heritage society. My team and I then produced this beautiful Victorian-era inspired structure to the delight of not only the clients but to passersby in adjacent Riverdale Park.

Stair Detail For this Rosedale home's porch that was built in 1890, we had to match the profiles of the existing handrails and balusters with the new stairs. This interesting little job shows that with a little ingenuity and creativity, you can match the craftsmanship of days-gone-by with modern skills and materials.

Cedar Deck Everyone, including the owners of this home in Dufferin Grove, loves a great Toronto summer evening: a barbeque and a beer on your own back deck.

Waste Container The new City of Toronto recycling bins were too much of an eyesore for a client in Rosedale, so we constructed this great and convenient way of tidying up her back yard.

Backyard Shed The client needed some extra storage space outside, and wasn't happy with the design or quality of what is available in pre-fabricated form. So we built a nice-looking shed just under the maximum size allowed in Toronto before a Building Permit is required. It has a concrete base, SPF [spruce-pine-fir] structure and pine and galvanized-metal exterior. The roof is UVA-filter clear plastic, which allows in lots of light.

Porch Roof & Skylights When replacing this Roncesvalles home’s porch roof, we added skylights to bring more light into the house. The increase in light is amazing.